About James Sharp

This page is all about myself, James Sharp. From around James Sharp, Kent Gardening & Tree Surgery the age of 10, I had my first area of the garden to do as I liked and promptly built a small pond (puddle) complete with stream (trickle) and bench and scrounged what plants I could for my garden. As I grew up further my area of the garden grew with me and today half the garden is put over to a large raised koi pond and a Japanese themed garden, the vegetables and fruit are now much smaller! Following secondary school I decided after much discussion with my parents that I would like to go to Hadlow College, near Tonbridge. In the first year I studied for a First Diploma in Horticulture and this gave me the knowledge and basis to go onto a 3 year National Diploma in Landscape and Amenity Horticulture.

I gained a distinction grade in both courses and also gained a college diploma with distinction. It is from this time of my life I gained most of my current circle of friends, being in horticulture most of them are in the industry today working as landscapers, gardeners and nursery managers.

Following college, I tangented rather a lot over to Japanese koi carp sales, and later building koi ponds for clients. These years taught me a huge amount about business and work and certainly allowed me to gain new skills in carpentry, brickwork and some electrics and plumbing. I co-project managed many pond builds worth many thousands of pounds and certainly learned a lot about scheduling and ordering from these days.

Around autumn 2010, I came to a decision to leave that hectic industry and return to my passion for gardening and landscaping. Also at this time my father decided to look at retiring and so many of his old customers came over to me and I had work from the first day. From that day to this I havent looked back and my business KENT Gardening has grown ten fold.

James Sharp, Kent Gardening & Tree SurgerySince those initial days I have spent a lot of money on new equipment and most notibly retrained to become a fully qualified tree surgeon. My diary is now usually varied with a combination of gardening and tree surgery with little time to get bored. I remain my own boss and now a family man and as such I try to avoid working weekends and devote my time to my beloved family.

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