Planting In Kent

We offer planting of all species of tree, shrubs and herbaceous perennials. Sourced from local nurseries, we ensure the best quality plants are purchased on your behalf without breaking the budget! All plants are planted with adequate suitable soil enrichment, with animal protection and support where required.

Planting services include:

  • New planted borders created and rejuvenated where needed. Patchy borders infilled.
  • Herbaceous, shrubs and trees planted using soil enrichment.
  • Support systems and animal protection guards installed.
  • Hedges planted with soil enrichment, support systems and animal protection.
  • Locally sourced plants from Kent nurseries who grow their own plants where possible.
  • Bare rooted, root balled or potted plants supplied of any size required.
  • Mulches applied to lock in moisture and supress weeds.
  • Planting plans with budgeted quotes for larger areas of new or rejuvenated plants.
  • Available across Kent to home owners or commercial properties.

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