Coronavirus Safety Measures

We are all living through difficult times and now we must find ourselves adjusting to the new normal. Following an initial 3 week shut down from Tuesday 24th March, we returned to work on Tuesday 14th April and concentrated on garden and grounds maintenance with just James and Kevin working. Now it is time to prepare for the return of the rest of our team, and other services, and to enable this to happen we must update our procedures and these are laid out here.


From Monday 1st June our updated procedures will include:

  • Social Distancing – everyone should now be accustomed to the current 2 metre (6.6 feet) social distancing rule that we all abide by. This applies to all our team members and our customers too. We ask you all to remember to stay away from us as much as possible but we welcome conversations about your garden or project from a distance. Meetings on site with James to discuss new work will be undertaken with social distancing in place.
  • Face Coverings – to enable our other team members to return to work and share work vehicles we will be using face coverings to protect our team. Face coverings will also be used during work in circumstances where social distancing cannot be maintained between team members. In the limited situations where we need to access your garden or grounds through your house or offices we will also wear face coverings and ensure social distancing is maintained. These face coverings will be safely disposed of at the end of each day.
  • Hand Washing – we will continue to maintain high standards of hygiene with regular hand washing throughout the day and before we start and finish at a customer’s property.
  • Regular Disinfection of Vehicles and Equipment – since the pandemic started we have been cleaning our work vehicles more regularly and disinfecting them. To enable more team members to return to work we will be disinfecting vehicles at the end of every day and disinfect any equipment used. Two sets of hand tools will continue to be used for each team. Where possible one vehicle will be allocated to one specific team. PPE including boots, helmets and gloves will not be shared.


We will continue to follow all of the guidance found on these links


An updated risk assessment will be available for those customers who wish to see how we are managing the health and safety of working throughout the coronavirus pandemic.


We are pleased to announce that with these measures in place, and now that several suppliers have reopened, that we can return to a new normal work schedule.

Our services will once again include gardening, tree surgery, and fencing and will now also include landscaping – see an update coming soon!

We are confident that these safety measures will enable us to work through the coronavirus pandemic whilst offering a comprehensive range of quality services to our customers.


PLEASE NOTE - The situation is under constant review and subject to change in line with any new restrictions put in place by the government.

Stay Safe

James Sharp, Director

Some of our clients include

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  • Cummins Power Generation
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  • The Milk House Pub
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  • The Barrow House Pub
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  • Paddock Wood Town Council
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  • Ashford School
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  • Ashton Burkinshaw Lettings
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  • Estates & Management Ltd
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